4 Seasons Kokeshi

Inspired by simple wooden Japanese Kokeshi dolls, the 4 models depict the seasonal artist, including beloved cat Timmy.

Final composite image - models were rendered out of Cinema 4D as separate images and combined with background elements in Photoshop. Inspired by wooden Japanese Kokeshi dolls.
The models, background and lighting setup in Cinema 4D.
Art for each doll was created in Illustrator, based on a wireframe guide of the 3D doll's UV mesh.
Dimension was added to the dolls at render time through the use of displacement maps applied through the displacement channel in each dolls' material. Lighter areas (> 50% gray) in the displacement map move the underlying mesh outward when rendered, in this case creating dimensional arms for the dolls.
Timmy the cats' displacement map for the head.
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