Wake up and smell the coffee

I've always loved the old coffeepot I inherited from my French-Canadian grandma, or Memere, as we call them around here. Over the years it's been the inspiration for quite a few images including this recent poster design inspired by heroic household object posters from the mid-20th century. I remember Memere Eva every time I create a piece based on the pot.

The original coffeepot (or more specifically - percolator) sits in a place of honor on my studio desk, always reminding of my French-Canadian memere, Eva (Landry) Perreault.
Wanting to model the coffepot in 3D to try out various ways of making images with it, I first created some vector splines in Adobe Illustrator to use as guides and/or the basis for lathing in Cinema 4D.
For the Wake Up! poster I decided to use coffeebeans in the form of the body of the coffeepot. A perfect situation to use C4D's clones and dynamics system.
The lighting set up for the initial render of the coffeeBean pot.
Detail of the final poster.
Below are a series of renders I create occasionally based on the coffeepot model. Always fun to play with and always reminding me of my Memere. :-)
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